APEX Invited to White House Celebration of Mentoring

Wednesday, 01/20/2010

View the official White House video.

(January 20, 2010, New York, New York) APEX Executive Director Kristy Nguyen and mentor-mentee pair Priscilla Cheng and Alice Ballesteros attends a Wednesday, January 20, 2010 White House ceremony commemorating National Mentoring Month. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will both give remarks.

Since 1992, APEX, a member organization of the National Mentoring Partnership, has empowered underserved youth in New York City through a combination of one-to-one mentoring relationships and educational programs.

“APEX is extremely honored to join President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in promoting mentoring as an important strategy to help youth lead healthy, productive lives. Providing youth with services to support achievement and well-being is crucial to advancing a promising future for our nation,” said Nguyen. “Youth everywhere need sustained, healthy relationships with adults.”

APEX’s mentoring program matched Priscilla Cheng, 16, with Alice Ballesteros, an optometrist in New York City’s public hospitals, in August 2005. Prior to meeting Alice, Priscilla described herself as lacking confidence and “shy.” Five years into a mentoring relationship, Priscilla says she has learned from Alice to persevere and always “do her best.” The Brooklyn Tech High School junior hopes to attend medical school and says she knows that she can make a difference.

“As much as I hope I have helped Priscilla on her path, she has also helped me,” says Alice . “My mentoring experience with Priscilla has opened my eyes to our community’s need to do everything it can to help youth reach their fullest potential.”

More than 1,200 middle and high school students have participated in APEX’s mentoring programs over the last 18 years. In addition to its signature middle school and high school mentoring programs, APEX also provides SAT preparatory and college preparatory educational services to more than 150 students each year.

“Priscilla and Alice represent the best spirit of APEX – they have a nurturing and warm relationship that inspires me,” Nguyen said. “It’s an honor to share this exceptional experience with them.”